About the Author


Hailing from somewhere between guttural decadence and inspired writing is the author known as Raeleigh Jane, third person biography writer.  Amazingly convincing and sufficiently tortured, Raeleigh Jane always knew she would one day attain a personal level of self-importance to justify talking about herself in the third person.  She agonizes, drinks coffee and smokes endless cigarettes in the Vancouver area of British Columbia.  Raeleigh Jane’s short stories, dirty limericks and haikus can be found on local bridges, underpasses, and large rocks at all public parks and on the occasional idling limo.  Raeleigh Jane recently celebrated her fifth wedding anniversary with her estranged husband and their three year old daughter.  She is currently fucking your boyfriend.


6 responses to “About the Author

  • morningaftershow

    nice. my wife turned me on to your blog last night. The ICBC story kills it!

  • Jonathan Doe

    If I wasnt gay and you weren’t hooked up with MGB, we could totally hook up.

  • Samantha

    I aspire to be as fantastic and hilarious as you.

  • Rossco

    I’m inclined to move half way round the world and hang out on your front porch, but the kid with the guitar would probably be there first and I also hate wasps, particulary the crack crawly ones. Great blog! Took me about 15 min to figure… well, still haven’t figured it out. Made me laugh tho. I’m really glad I don’t live next door to you – I think we’d end up fighting or fucking. Have fun. By the way, in New Zealand a Raeleigh is a form of bicycle… yup

  • Erica Lachapelle

    absolutely love Textually Active! Are you coming back?

  • Erynn Elizabeth

    We are soul mates. Of the hetero kind. I know this because:
    a) I once wanted to marry MG too, you know?! I mean it’s okay, I’m over it now, but still, we have that in common.
    b) I act like a 5 year old who has been drugged with kool-aid on a regular basis.
    b) I am also fucking my boyfriend! OMG!

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